Our philosophy: Your complaint is always justified – no denial, no doubts. We will contact you to find the solution that helps you the most, whether that’s a free new edit or a refund on the service.

Scribbr Happiness Guarantee

Scribbr’s three principles of guaranteed happiness

  • Personal contact: We always respond to your questions and feedback. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll contact you in person to find a solution.
  • Sincerity: We care about providing great service. If you’re not happy, we’ll go the extra mile to change that.
  • Speed: We know you have deadlines to meet, so we’ll get in touch as soon as we receive your feedback. We focus on resolving problems as quickly as possible.

Are you not completely satisfied?

If you’re not 100% happy with the edit or the plagiarism check you received from us, please let us know through the feedback form.


Ask our team

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Frequently asked questions

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How can I file a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the work of your editor, please contact us right away by filling in the complaint form. We will contact you within one working day, and together we will find a suitable solution.

I have a question for my editor. How can I reach my editor?

It is not possible to contact your editor directly. Contact with your editor will always be via the Scribbr support team.

Questions about our services

If you have questions about our services, please contact our support team through the chat, phone or email (info@scribbr.com).

Question about changes or comments from your editor

If you have any questions about your editor’s work, you can email them to info@scribbr.com. Our support team will then make sure that our quality management team or your editor follows up with you as soon as possible.

Tip: Add your questions as comments in the Word document. That way, your questions can be answered directly in your document.  

Service scope

We’re always happy to provide more clarification about particular edits and suggestions, and we can also answer more general questions about your edit. 

However, if you are looking for a fuller review of your edited text after you’ve incorporated the edits, we may ask you to upload a new order.

I have problems with my Word document. Whom can I ask for help?

Have you received your Word document but are having problems opening the file? If you have problems with accepting the changes, please read our manual. For any other problems, please contact us directly.

Why does my document indicate that my editor worked overnight?

Your editor may be located in a different time zone than you. The time stamps in your edited document do not show this. This is why it might seem like the editor only worked on your order during the night, while it was actually daytime in the editor’s location.

Furthermore, some of our editors simply prefer to work in the evening or at night because they are more productive then or because they are working on other projects during the day.

In general, the time stamps in the document are not an indicator of editing quality.