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We’ve been editing academic texts for 10+ years. With permission, we’ve used 1000s of academic documents to train the tool specifically to correct academic writing.

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2% of editors are accepted at Scribbr. That’s a lower acceptance rate than Harvard (3%). The tool has been trained by these editors to look for common mistakes in academic writing.

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Because it’s specialized in academic texts, Scribbr’s proofreading tool offers higher accuracy than other tools. It goes beyond checking grammar, identifying spelling, punctuation, and other common mistakes in academic writing.

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All corrections will be done automatically in your document. Keeping your format intact. No copy-pasting is needed!

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Upload unlimited documents and get free assessment reports for every document. The report will show you how many and what kind of mistakes you’ve made.

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Frequently asked questions

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What’s the difference between the AI Proofreader and Word’s autocorrect feature?

Our AI Proofreader has been trained on academic texts. It also addresses commonly confused words, and it’s more accurate than Word’s autocorrect feature. Word’s autocorrect feature usually operates on a word level, whereas our AI Proofreader can proofread on the sentence and, to an extent, even the paragraph level. Because it’s more accurate and fixes more than just grammar mistakes, our AI Proofreader identifies and corrects more mistakes overall. Furthermore, because you check your document with our AI Proofreader after you’ve finished writing it, your workflow won’t be interrupted.

How secure is my document with the AI proofreader?

Rest assured: Your documents are safe. The document you upload is deleted immediately after it’s been processed by our AI Proofreader, and your processed document will automatically be deleted from our servers after 12 months. If you’d like to delete the stored copy of your document sooner, you can do so manually through your user profile at any time. For more information, please consult our articles on how we ensure the security of your documents.

What English dialects can the AI proofreader check?

For now, the AI Proofreader only corrects based on the conventions of US English. We will add other dialects at a later stage.

What kind of documents can I upload?

You can only upload .docx (Word) files to the AI Proofreader.



Is the AI proofreader suitable for people who don’t speak English as their first language?

Absolutely! The AI Proofreader is particularly useful for non-native English speakers, as it can detect mistakes that may have gone unnoticed.



Do I need to download anything to use this tool?

There’s no need for any downloads! You can use our AI Proofreader right in your web browser. Just upload your document and sit back; you’ll receive a revised version of your document within 10 minutes.

Can the AI proofreader detect plagiarism?

No; the AI Proofreader currently focuses on grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. If you’re interested in detecting any potential plagiarism in a document, we recommend that you consider our Plagiarism Checker. The AI Proofreader is included for free in that service.

Can I review and approve the changes made by the AI proofreader?

Absolutely! Every change suggested by the AI Proofreader is indicated as a tracked change in Word. You can decide which changes to accept or reject in your document, and, if you’re feeling confident, you can even accept all of the changes with just one click.



How much does the AI proofreader cost?

The cost is $9.95 per document, no matter the length. You won’t pay more based on the number of words or characters. Our AI Proofreader is ideal for academic papers and dissertations!

What is the turnaround time for the AI proofreader?

The exact time depends on the length of your document, but, in most cases, the proofreading will be completed within a maximum of 10 minutes.

Will the AI proofreader also edit my reference list?

No.To make sure that your reference list isn’t disrupted, we’ve implemented suppression rules in our model.

Is there a free trial available?

No. However, you can check out a demo video or download an example edit to get some idea of what to expect.